About Donald Gomsi

???????????????????????????????Experienced tennis coach and tennis club manager Donald Gomsi presently serves as the executive director of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) San Diego chapter and as the head instructor at Carmel Valley Tennis in San Diego. A longtime southern California resident, he previously directed the tennis program at San Diego Country Estates and worked as a part-time tennis professional for several clubs in the region. From 2008 until joining Carmel Valley Tennis in 2012, Donald Gomsi taught the youth tennis program at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego.

Donald Gomsi joined the USPTA in 1985. He was a head tester for the California division for more than a decade, during which time he certified prospective USPTA members statewide. In 2000, he began serving as a tester for the USPTA’s San Diego division. The Association only allows the most qualified tennis professionals to serve as testers. The job requires that Mr. Gomsi closely evaluate candidates to determine if they possess the knowledge, skills, and operational experience required of a USPTA-certified tennis professional. Over the course of his career, Donald Gomsi was named a USPTA Tester of the Year five separate times.


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