Convention Activities of the USPTA San Diego Chapter

Don Gomsi has contributed to the success of tennis in California for many years. Working now at Carmel Valley Tennis in Del Mar, Don Gomsi provides clinics and lessons for rising stars.

Donald Gomsi also is a member of the U.S. Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). The USPTA’s San Diego Chapter recently held its third convention in March 2015, during which, a number of seminars covering various topics took place.

One winning coach described the methods he used in team practice. His practices have two objectives: reinforcing basic skills and increasing competitiveness. Sessions are organized into warming up, fundamental skills, competition, fun games, strengthening, and cooling off. Each activity has a goal. For instance, a drill might consist of hitting balls as much as possible.

Another speaker addressed factors affecting players over 40. According to the speaker, over-40 players often have plenty resources to help them improve their games, including extra time and disposable income. They can be motivated to like competitions and workouts and are capable of learning new skills. Pros should concentrate on skills the players still possess, rather than focus on weaknesses.


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